Body Modification

I love this video.  We did a bunch of spinning around while I panned a light around.  We shot in 4k for reframing in post.  We did stop motion animation on the spinning human. It was a barebones studio shoot at its very best.

Vic is an awesome dude - fearless and open with everything and it was awesome to work with him.  If you saw him in public, aside from the hair, you'd have no idea what he was capable of. Really a pleasure to work with!

Canon C300mk2, Canon 5Dmk3

Rokinon 35mm Prime

In Case of Emergency

During the planning of this series, we had some trouble casting.  Kim was totally on board but we also wanted to have a male host for half of them and no one seemed to be just right and to have the experience with wilderness first aid.  I had completed prep on the approach - we had a color palette to shoot for, we'd settled on the Arri Amira sporting vintage Zeiss Super Speed lenses.  Special make-up effects had been book and my beautiful wife had been enlisted to design the costumes.  We needed a male co-star and I fit the bill.

Production took place in an abandoned brick factory near Beacon, NY.  We alternated between hosts so that someone was always "in the chair" while the other was on camera.  I don't have a lot to say about this - it's a pretty straightforward concept and it was lots and lots of fun!

Arri Amira, Zeiss Super Speed MK2 Primes