Ex-Marines Smoking Marijuana

However you may feel about politicians droning on and on about veterans, the truth is that actual veterans are by and large pretty amazing people. Especially guys from Marines infantry units who saw actual real life combat. I've been privileged enough to work with some of these guys through family, friends, as stuntmen in Hollywood (maintaining muzzle discipline even with rubber guns!)

The dudes at Iron Protection Group in Denver, CO are on another level.  Returning from combat, suffering from wounds, injuries and PTSD, these guys fell back on their military training to find their way and make a business.  Just watch the film to see.

Shot primarily on a C300mk2 using Canon L-Series zoom lenses and Rokinon primes. We also utilized a 3DR drone and a DJI Osmo for select sequences and shots.  The really pretty closeups of fields of weed were shot on an adapted Nikkor 55mm/f1.2 that I love to mess around with.

The New Jersey Weedman

We drove out to Trenton, NJ to talk with Ed Forchion about his cannabis religion.  He's using the constitutional separation of church and state to challenge prohibition of marijuana-as-sacrement.  He's done this before.

I haven't done a tone of drone work but I was extremely impressed by the 3DR. It lacks a lot of the image fidelity of a Phantom 3 or an Inspire but its super easy to use in the field and has a lot of robust, automatic flight controls.

C300mk2s, 3DR drone with GoPro Hero 3, DJI OSMO.