The Reset x Simon Burstall


I was invited to support photographer Simon Burstall with video for lookbooks of the FW19 capsules from The Reset. Fashion photographers are some of the hardest working folks I’ve met in this business. They’ll do anywhere from 15-40 looks per day, shoot thousands of frames and edit right on set. Unlike scripted film where costumes are often overlooked or relegated to a secondary role (perish the thought - I’ll do my importance of design/costumes rant another time), in fashion the clothing is the whole point. Motion picture plays a very different role than in other mediums and when approaching a fashion shoot - especially as a BTS cameraperson, it is so important to remain nimble, fast and keep a light footprint. I love it because it forces me and my team to think outside of our usual comfort zone - we can’t alter the set, we can’t control lighting to the extent we’d like, etc etc. I really rely on lenses and a good camera sensor. For the FW19 Capsules from THE RESET I wanted a small, light camera that would use good lenses and wireless focus and eliminate the need for a DIT completely. I selected the BMPCC4k and ad the producer furnish a Samsung T5 SSD. This allowed us to shoot ProRes422 files in 4k directly to the drive and eliminated the need to reload throughout the day. The amazing Charles Miller pulled focus for me and came up with a brilliant, lightweight rig that allowed me to grab-and-go with the camera, switch between frame rates, and land on a tripod for our full-body shots. I lit the seamless with the available window light supplemented with a KinoFlo Select 30 into a vflat to make a book-light fill and anoth Select 30 over the lens for fill and eyelight. Considering the tight space and time, I’m extremely proud of how this one came out!

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, Zeiss CP.2 primes