Art for Art's Sake

I was tapped to shoot a series of profiles for The Creators Project to be displayed at the Pulse Art Fair in Miami alongside the art of each featured artist.

I love shooting profiles because I love meeting new people and getting to know them. My approach for these pieces was to create visual rhymes between each artists' work and the world that they inhabit.  I wanted to avoid camera movement or calling any attention to the camerawork at all and just have the images flow over the viewer so that they can make their own connections.

Also, extreme closeups were vital for these pieces.  For me, so much of art making is about texture and medium and by stinging together tight shots, we were able to lend a tactile sense to the work.

I tried to stick with available light but we brought a Kino Celeb 201 and a 1x1 Astra bi-color LED panel.  The Celeb is such a dynamic light for fieldwork - it has built-in diffusion and can be dialed in to any Kelvin between 2500 and (I believe) 6500 AND has a built in dimmer right on the fixture.  For documentary work, I haven't found a better key light.

Canon C300mk1, Canon L Series Lenses

Burning Old Films

I traveled to Rochester with producers Annelise Ogaard and Akil Gibbons to visit the George Eastman House and torch a bunch of hopeless nitrocellulose.  Until 1951, film stock was made by dissolving cotton in nitroglycerine.  The result was a strong, clear plastic with the same properties as gun cotton or flash paper.  When it was exposed to too much heat (like, a carbon arc flame in a projector) it had a tendency burn rapidly.  It creates its own oxygen so it can even burn underwater.  We lit some on fire and shot it at 120fps. Enjoy.