A few years ago, when I was a DIT in Los Angeles, I spent a few days working on David Guggenheim's documentary HE NAMED ME MALALA.  We were shooting recreations that ended up playing only for a minute or two in the final film and Malala herself was not on site.  Still, I was super proud to be a part of a project that had more depth than selling mobile phones or diapers.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Malala in person.  Ariel Wengroff and I were invited to interview her at the United Nations at the beginning of her Girl Power tour.

The aisles of the general assembly slope downwards so we had limited places to set up where Malala and Ari would be on level ground.  We settled on a landing about halfway up the floor.  I lit the scene using two Astra 1x1 bicolor lite panels.  The keylight for Malala had a softbox on it and the I used the hairlight to key the interviewer.

Canon C300mk2 & Canon C300mk1. L-Series Zoom lenses.