Motherboard Studio Videos

We periodically do little projects in our studio - super quick and fun and it gives me a chance to mess around with new lights.  For these, I keyed with 2x Digital Sputnik DS-1 heads through unbleached muslin then half light grid (both stretched on 4x4 frames).  The key also served as the backlight.  For the rim, I like to dial in a Kino Select 20 at somewhere around 10% intensity.  I love the full color controls of the Digital Sputniks and the new Kinos.  Skypanels are amazing but if you don't have the budget, the Selects do a pretty great job.

There is no turntable, dolly or slider for these - all camera movement is done using little film school tricks and I think it works out pretty damn well.  Easy, quick, fun videos to do!

Canon C300mk2

Rokinon Prime Lenses