My First Huff Post write up

A few weeks ago, my good friend Aaron asked me to shoot a short series of parody videos with the comedy pair Coker and Stratton poking fun at the younger Trump brothers Donald and Eric.  We shot four scripted pieces, three promos and a ten-minute single shot of the Trump boys eating KFC extra crispy.  It was a pretty good Saturday!

Today, they released the videos and we were lucky enough to get a write up in the Huffington Post!  Pretty cool!

These were shot with the RED Epic Dragon in 6k at 12:1. We utilized Cooke S4 prime lenses, living mostly on the 50mm and the 35mm but grabbing a few of the wider or longer end of the range for the walk-and-talks or the inserts.

Lighting came courtesy of The Sodium Ranch and we kept it simple - a 4x4 Kino Bank (usually draped with unbleached muslin) and a Joker 800 through various frames and flags. Our intention with lighting in the office location was to augment the available overhead lighting and yield what Aaron and I called a "pretty ugly" aesthetic.  Pretty.  But ugly.

We wanted as much sweat shine from the boys as possible.  And we got it.  Enjoy!